Zeph “Boss Tweed” Capo


Zeph “Boss Tweed” Capo

     Zeph “Boss Tweed” Capo anointed the third-place finisher in the HISD District 1 election as his heir apparent to succeed him and his failed policies at Houston Community College (HCC).  People familiar with the “third-place finisher”, and Mr. Capo, are asking why such a nice person would associate themselves with him?

This is a partial list of Mr. Capo’s record while on the Board at HCC:

  • Perjured himself by signing a false notarized affidavit.1
  • Violated board policy and procurement procedures with Trustee Chris Oliver (who is in federal prison for bribery) to steer a bond underwriting legal contract to a friend.2
  • Misappropriated (without taking competitive bids) $603,000.00 to construct a new board table which was not approved by the Board and not needed.3
  • Voted for tuition increase.4
  • Voted for unbalanced budgets.5
  • Voted for property tax increase.6
  • Voted to close the Pinemont Campus (which is inside our taxing district).7
  • Voted to build a Katy Campus (which is outside our taxing district).8   The people of Katy pay no property taxes and the people of Houston pay all the taxes.  This would be like the City of Houston building a police station in Dallas or the State of Texas building highways in Arkansas.

     From 2011 to 2019 the enrollment at HCC has declined 15%.  The budget has increased from $256M to $350M with declining enrollment.  Mr. Capo caters to special interest groups and the “Downtown Money” rather than representing the constituents in District 1.  It is going to take a lot of work to repair the damage Mr. Capo has done to the College. 


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  3. In the spring of 2015, when Mr. Capo was chair of the HCC Board, he instructed the Chancellor, without board approval and in excess of the Chancellor’s $500,00.00 purchasing limit, to build a new table for the board room at the expense of students and taxpayers.
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