Vince Ryan On the Wrong Side of Justice, Again!


Alexander the Great once said, “I am not afraid of an army led by a sheep; I am more afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

Awhile back, Vince Ryan, Harris County Attorney, thought himself to be a lion when he led a very public and ongoing battle challenging my residency to thwart the will of the voters, by seeking to remove me as a Trustee of Houston Committee College (HCC).

Today, there’s a very egregious residency issue at HCC.  We have a Trustee who won election on humble roots on the east side of Houston (District III).  This Trustee now stands tall today, as tall as the River Oaks condominium where she now resides, forsaking her humble roots.

Where is the Lion of the Harris County Attorney’s office when we need his unrelenting legal ferocity, moral compass, and arrogance?  Is he now the Sheep Chief Attorney of Harris County, or is he off on a tangent, trying to thwart justice once again?

Ryan has an obsession fighting independent politicians who shine a light into the political darkness.  Now, Ryan, a Democrat, is fighting that new independent Lion at Commissioners’ Court, the Honorable Rodney Ellis, also a Democrat.  Ellis is trying to overturn the bail bond system that protects the rich and hurts the poor.  What’s wrong with a personal recognizance bond for those who cannot afford bond fee?  Along with the County Republicans at the court, Vince Ryan wants to protect the bail bond status quo, financially hog tying the poor and keeping them in jail.

Sadly, what we have here are two hypocrites (Vince Ryan and Adriana Tamez) who serve not the citizens, but themselves through a twisted view of “equal protection of the laws”, forsaking leadership and failing to represent the citizens they were elected to serve.