“I’ll Make You a Millionaire” – Chris Oliver


Attached is a “PUBLIC DOCUMENT” for your consideration.  Pages 12,13, &14 are the meat of the document. Lines 16, 17, & 18 on page 14 is the most offensive statement to me: “…Oliver continued to insist that he had delayed the bidding process and that he would convince the board to vote on the basis of best value rather than lowest bid…“.  

The details of Chris Oliver’s indictment reveal the foundation of his corruption and hints at his partners in corruption – the winding road of best value as opposed to lowest bid. This is the blatant admission of the purpose and intent of best value/ lowest bid: to bribe elected officials, plain and simple. This is the method by which elected officials are trained “to smell dirty money” and move to collect. 


The other implied detail is who else partnered with Chris Oliver and Karum Sreerama to participate in bribery to change the course of the bidding process. The community of citizens vote for us every six years. We are privileged to vote every month for their welfare. Some betray that privilege. We need to ferret out the corruption.  We need an external law enforcement investigation now. 


Should Karum Sreerama petition the Federal Government to put himself in a witness protection program?

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