The Sadducees and Pharisees Buy Another Vote


There is a very popular quote among the political class regarding politics and sausage.  Changing the quote a bit, “Campaign Financing is like making sausage, you don’t want to watch them make it, and you don’t want to know what goes in it”.

I became very interested in Carolyn Evans-Shabazz’s campaign finance reports when she returned my $250.00 contribution check.  She stated that other potential political contributors didn’t like her taking money from yours truly, and asked her to return my check before they would consider contributing.  So, she did.  The details of that transaction were reported on my blog “Returned Check”.

I thought it would be fun to look into how the Houston Business-Education Coalition PAC (The Sadducees and The Pharisees) and Evans-Shabazz make sausage.

  1. Evans-Shabazz’s latest campaign finance reports list receiving $10,000.00 from the Houston Business-Education Coalition PAC (HBEC). This PAC is comprised of Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) members and vendors who have contracts with Houston Community College (HCC).  So, Evans-Shabazz traded my $250.00 check for a $10,000.00 contribution.  Therefore, it can be said, she won’t take little money, but big money is cool.
  2. Again, on my blog, I reported Adriana Tamez received $46,000.00, Zeph Capo $21,000.00, and Eva Loredo $20,000.00 from the Sadducees and Pharisees (HBEC-PAC). If Evans-Shabazz wins her election, I guess you could say this will be the cheapest seat on the HCC Board that the HBEC has bought.
  3. Now the ingredients get weird! A Texas Monitor article titled “Claim: HCC Trustee Manipulated ‘severely impaired addict’ Acquired Her Home” reported Trustee Evans-Shabazz allegedly swindled her neighbor out of her home while the neighbor was suffering from drug addiction.  And Evans-Shabazz manipulated the neighbor into making her the executor and beneficiary of the will.  The article alleges a suspicious nature in which the poor lady died shortly after making Evans-Shabazz beneficiary of the will.  A relative of the deceased is legally challenging the will in Harris County Probate Court #4 case #441289.  The trial is set for January 2018.
  4. Now we know what’s in the sausage and how it is made.
  5. The question remains for the voters: “Is this the sausage the Sadducees and Pharisees are going to make the taxpayers buy. And is this the sausage the students have to settle for, being shoved down their throats?”