Robbin’ the Hood


Robbin’ the Hood
April 25, 2017 By Dave Wilson

In a surprise move by the Houston Community College (HCC) Board Chair, Eva Loredo, pulled action item B-4 “Real Estate Transaction Located in Far West Houston” from the April 20, 2017 board meeting agenda. In a three day lobbying effort, Trustee Dave Wilson, rallied support from State Representatives, State Senators, U.S. Representatives, Mayors, community leaders and everyday citizens to pressure the HCC Board to vote against the Real Estate transaction in the Katy Area. Rather than face a “No Vote”, the chair pulled the item.Thank you “everyday citizen”.

HCC Chancellor, Cesar Maldonado, wanted the Board to approve a $23m land purchase for a new campus near I-10 and S.H. 99. The initial budget for constructing the new building is $63m to $80m. The main problem with this transaction is that the land is not within the taxation district of HCC. The Chancellor is asking the poor people of North Forest and Acres Homes to pay for a school for the rich people in Katy, hence, “Robbin’ the Hood”. Several years ago the voters of Katy voted against being annexed into the HCC taxing district.

Additionally, the College does not have the money to purchase this property nor do they have the money to build a new campus even while our current campuses are under utilized. The College would have to borrow the money and finance it over 30 years. This additional debt of $100m added to our current debt of $900m would put us over “One Billion Dollars in Debt” for our children to pay.

More ominously, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has not approved the new campus as a substantive quality improvement. We need SACS approval before we proceed.

The Chancellor will bring this back to the board with new lipstick and perfume on this pig and paint it as a princess. We will need your help again, to permanently stop this pig in a poke.