In today’s world of media, politicians, and pundits, where the majority misrepresents to the point of deceit, the only crime is getting caught.  In the world of political donors, the original and final sin is stupidity.

February 8, 2017, I was invited to a political fundraiser for Carolyn Evans-Shabazz.  I donated  $250.00.  Last Thursday (10/5/17) she called me and asked if she could come by my office to talk.  I said sure.  When she arrived, she explained that she had been screening with various groups and those groups had been looking at her campaign finance report.

If she was going to get their endorsement and donations, they explained to her that she would have to disavow yours truly.  She promptly returned my donation in the form of a refund check (I wonder if she would have refunded a $20,000.00 check, a $21,000.00 check, or a $46,000.00 check).

An act of political courage because of our policy differences or was she taking orders from powerful downtown lobbying organizations?  What is she hoping to receive?


The Houston Business Education Coalition (HBEC) – PAC has donated:

Adriana Tamez     $ 46,000.00
Zeph Capo              21,000.00
Eva Loredo             20,000.00
Dave Wilson                 zero

So, Carolyn Evans-Shabazz is in the race for big money.  For what purpose?  Why does she want the Big Money so much that she returns the Little Money?  Who will she race past?  Tamez at $46K?  Capo at $21K?  Or Loredo at $20K.  The Great HCC Donation Derby.  What a race!  A race to curry the most favor with the political elites.  The citizens in District IV will suffer while watching her Campaign Finance Reports to see who she is beholding unto.

While it may be foolish to blame political donors for the collapse of moral and political ethics, it would be equally foolish to make believe that political donors serve anyone but themselves.