Is the College of Education at the University of Texas- Austin a Diploma Mill?


Is the College of Education at the University of Texas – Austin

A Diploma Mill?

A Diploma Mill is an institution or organization that sells college diplomas, rather than the educational experience.  Diploma mills are scam colleges that print fake diplomas in exchange for a fee, called tuition.

In May 2008, John Steven Cisneros (Cisneros), filed with the University of Texas, his dissertation titled “LEADERSHIP AND MESTIZAJE: A Case Study of Three Latino Public School Superintendents in Texas”.  In May 2011, Adriana Elva Tamez, filed with the University of Texas, her dissertation titled “Latina Superintendents: A phenomenological study of superintendent-board relations”.  Cisneros’ dissertation focused on Latino (Spanish or Portuguese) in three Latino Public Schools and Tamez’s dissertation focused on Latina (women) in the same three Latino Public Schools.

The Scientific Misconduct Investigation Committee at UT-Austin found that Tamez plagiarized Cisneros’ dissertation and represented the work of Cisneros as her own without attribution to Cisneros, in violation of University’s policies including its policy prohibiting plagiarism.

SEVEN easy ways to identify a Diploma Mill.

  1. College accepts plagiarized materials up to ten pages in doctorial dissertations (until caught).
  2. College allows same committee chair (Dr. Ruben Olivarez) on both dissertations (He liked first dissertation so much he allowed a second one).
  3. College does not check integrity of research data.
  4. College allows plagiarist an opportunity to plagiarize a second source if caught on the first source.
  5. Admission criteria to a diploma mill consists entirely upon your limit on your credit card.
  6. You are offered a college degree based on a “review” of your work experience. Topless dancers are welcome.
  7. You are promised a diploma within 30 days of application, if willing to pay an “expedited fee”.

The University has an obligation to the citizens of Texas to uphold the integrity of our school.