Investigation or Whitewash (Clean-up or Cover-up)


Vidal Martinez

Reviewing Zeph Capo’s campaign finance reports below, we see the usual establishment suspects contributing money for influence.  “Pay to Play”.  Who’s paying and who’s playing?

Trustee Capo received $ 42,000.00 from business/lawyers/vendors compared to $ 36,850.00 from unions/liberal politicians.  He votes the corporate way 100% of the time.  What has he done for the Plumbers, Teamsters, Pipefitters or Sheet Metal workers?  You tell me.  Everyone would like to know.

Particularly concerning about Trustee Capo’s campaign finance report is the $ 3,500.00 from lawyer, Vidal Martinez who has been hired as co-counsel to investigate the college over the Chris Oliver bribery conviction.  Mr. Martinez hosted, in 2015, when Trustee Capo was board chair, a fund raiser for Mr. Capo after he had already been elected to the board in 2014.  That fund raiser was hosted at Mr. Martinez’s home and Chancellor Cesar Maldonado was in attendance (yours truly was not invited).  Is this a conflict of interest?

What we see here is the absence of transparency and accountability to our community, families, and children.  Also, this lack of interest in good governance destroys the very fabric of this college.

We aim to reduce this corruption by continually shedding light on these networks of nefarious influence.  Has individual or corporate corruption led to individual or corporate crime?

We have no side or cause, just our accountability.  A proper investigation can ensure such.

Zeph Capo Campaign Contributions
2/26/13 thru 12/31/15
Campaign Report 10/27/13 – 12/04/13 is Not on File