Has the Spirit of Chris Oliver Returned to HCC?


Has the Spirit of Chris Oliver Returned to HCC?

HCC has a long and rich (we don’t know who got rich) history of making bad land deals.  Last night’s Board vote was no exception.  By a 5 to 4 margin the Board extends their losing streak of bad land decisions.

Self-proclaimed, social and fiscal conservative, John Hansen, delivered the decisive swing vote.  What stunned most people present with Mr. Hansen’s vote is that the new Katy campus is outside the taxing district of HCC.  The taxpayers of HCC are paying for this land and building while the free-loaders of Katy, TX will pay no taxes.  This is as if the City of Houston would build a police station for the City of Dallas or the State of Texas would build highways in the State of Arkansas.  Totally absurd.

Mr. Hansen, 72, has his doctorate in mathematics.  He has never married, nor had children of his own to raise and educate.  He was recruited by Richard Schechter (an insider and member of the “good-ole-boys” club) to run for the HCC board in District 6 when the previous trustee resigned.

HCC’s enrollment is declining (-27% Foxlake 2011-2018).  HCC’s budget is ballooning out of control.  Last year HCC’s net worth declined over $76M.  This year’s budget is not balanced.  HCC had to draw down on their reserves to plug the hole.  A headwind of financial troubles is heading HCC’s way.  Do you smell a TAX INCREASE coming?

HCC has never met an enrollment projection.  HCC has never come in under budget on a construction project.  The proposed Katy campus is open ended.  Costs will be double the estimate.

Spending tax dollars outside the taxing district for land and buildings is against state law.

Chris Oliver voted for projects like this and he got cash.  I am not implying or suggesting, nor do I think Mr. Hansen got cash.  But I wonder why he and four other board members voted for this boondoggle land deal.  Maybe Mr. Hansen was seduced by the charm of Mr. Zach Hodges.  Or he succumbed to the sweet whispers in his ear from the relentless pursuits of Cesar Maldonado stroking his ego?  Whatever the reason, cash or ego, the students, employees, and taxpayers of HCC lose!  Has the Spirit of Chris Oliver returned to HCC?