Does Adriana Tamez Live in Her District


May 17, 2017 By Dave Wilson

Does she live in the house pictured on the left located at 4436 Jefferson St, a one story 1209 sq. ft., 5 room house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath; OR, in a high-rise condominium pictured on the right located at 3333 Allen Pkw # 1501, on the 15th floor of the 33 story luxury condominiums at the entrance of River Oaks? It even has a crown; a majestic symbol of the best life has to offer. 

Does Adriana Tamez Live in Her District?

The deed to the house on Jefferson is in Adrianna Tamez’s name and she declares the house as her homestead with an appraised value of $ 174,903.00.

The deed to the high-rise on Allen Parkway is in Tommy Brock’s name and he declares the house as his homestead with an appraised value of $ 666,001.00.

As I understand it, Adriana Tamez and Tommy Brock are married.  Is it legal for a married couple to have two homestead exemptions?  The above information was collected from public records.

Before you decide where she lives, please watch this 52 second video which was filmed May 2, 2017 at approximately 5:20 pm.

The videographer is standing behind a tree at 3333 Allen Parkway when he sees the white QX60 Infiniti with personalized licenses plates “ADAM720” pull under the porte-cochère to valet park.  She is parked when the videographer points the camera on her car. She exits the drivers’ side of the vehicle and walks around the back of the car.  She is very well dressed in a pair of white slacks and a dark blouse. She walks in the building. The valet drives the car around the circular drive and pulls the car into the garage.  If you pause the video, you can read her licenses plate number “ADAM720”.

I remember an old movie that had a famous line in it the said: “Are you going to believe your lying eyes, or are you going to believe what I tell you?”.

We encourage anyone (neighbors, co-workers, and average citizens) to provide information (true facts only) regarding her residency.