Culture Eats Change for Breakfast


Culture Eats Change for Breakfast
May 15, 2017  By Dave Wilson

Culture is everything. Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage. Culture is being shocked by secular aggression, which is destroying our moral foundation.

In the last 50 years education in the United States has been a failure. Instead of educating our children, schools are indoctrinating them. We are using our schools as babysitters for the dysfunctional family. We are using our schools as social laboratories for the progressive liberals that promote failed secular policies.

All of these experiments show how Liberal/Progressive/Leftist leaders continue to present silly ideas as solutions. 

We are now ranked the 25th in the world in Reading and Writing. We are ranked 31st in Arithmetic. Texas is ranked 40th in the United States. These rankings are unacceptable. It is past time for a change. Houston Community College (HCC) enrollment has declined 18% and the budget has increased 20% from 2011 to 2016. Worst of all, the quality of education is not where it should be. 

The culture at Houston Community College must change. It starts at the top. The Board’s  focus must change from making land deals, building buildings we do not need, awarding contracts to friends, opening campuses outside of our taxing authority, last minute voting on “emergency” items, etc….

In order to change the culture at HCC I will need every citizen to get involved. We must wrestle control away from the special interest downtown money, and return control to the voters. As a board member I am extremely proud of HCC. I am working hard to make HCC a better place, but I need your help! 


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