Charlatan or Carpetbagger


June 26, 2017 By Dave Wilson

Some say the measure of character is charity or teaching or counsel or adversity.  At HCC, Trustees have been granted power through elections to do educational good for their district citizens.

Adriana Tamez has been granted power by the citizens of District III.  She has forsaken her District roots to bask in the mirage and image of power in her River Oaks residency at 3333 Allen parkway.  What do you call those opportunists who travel for advantage, like moving from Jefferson Street to River Oaks?  Charlatans or modern day Carpetbaggers?  I think she has redefined the meaning of Carpetbagger.  Where is that honor, that courage?  Incredibly, she feels no shame.

It is said that good things come to those who wait, but I wonder if there will be nothing left but bad for us who wait.  Should the District III citizens wait for her to return to her roots, or should they choose a new Trustee?  What say you, Citizens?



Please view the video of her valet parking at her River Oaks hi-rise.

Delivery ticket.

New open records request delivery receipt.