Back Door Loredo


“Back Door” Loredo
May 14, 2017 By Dave Wilson

In a behind the scenes back room closed door meeting, Chairwoman Loredo and Chancellor Maldonado are trying to slip through agenda item “B” in a hurriedly called special meeting May 18th at 2:00pm.  Agenda item “B” will fund a study (not a study but a rationalization) for a Katy campus.  Remember, the citizens in Katy pay no property taxes into HCC.  Therefore, the taxpayers of HCC will be paying for this study (which we do not know how much it will cost) and the $100M campus in Katy they want to build.

At special meetings there is no opportunity for input from the public, which should be changed.  Therefore, you need to call your Board Trustee and let them know your position on this issue.  The Trustees work for the citizens and taxpayers of the HCC taxing district.

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