Adrianna Tamez, the $46,000.00 Trustee


“Karun Streerama has accomplished much in Houston as businessman and involved citizen. I am sure he will continue to be an asset to our community,” Mayor Turner commented as he announced that Streerama was stepping down as City of Houston Public Works Director.

According to news reports, the Mayor had completed a review of Streerama’s bribery involvement with recently indicted HCC Trustee Chris Oliver. Cash, Visa gift cards, bribery, votes, and contracts left an ominous trail of malfeasance percolating back to 2010. The Mayor called him an asset, so did the FBI.

KS (as the FBI affectionately coded Karun Streerama) had been aggressively active as a political donor to his former boss (the Mayor), the Greater Houston Partnership, and other political candidates seeking or possessing voting responsibilities granted by the citizens. I wonder how long he had been wearing a “wire”.

Moving along the report, Adriana Tamez received $46,000. That is pretty generous for local office and she charges a $5.53 Uber fare to HCC. No small sacrifice there. Her $46K is more than twice the money received by Zeph Capo or Eva Loredo, steadfast corporate assets.

What more can we say about pay to play? But a famous preacher once said: ”there are three things in the world that deserve no mercy – hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.”

Greater Houston Partnership
Houston Business-Education Coalition PAC
Campaign Finance Reports 9/27/13  thru  10/24/15

Who is paying and who is playing?

Trustees and Candidates of HCC that received donations from HBEC:

Adriana Tamez                $ 46,000.00
Zeph Capo                         21,000.00
Eva Loredo                         20,000.00
Kevin Hoffman                    10,000.00
Robert Glaser                     10,000.00
Neeta Sane                          3,500.00
Bruce Austin                        2,500.00
Carolyn Evans-Shabazz         1,500.00
John Hansen                        1,500.00
Dave Wilson                            zero

TOTAL               $116,000.00

Three Largest Donors to HBEC PAC:

Welcome Wilson              $ 25,000.00
Jonathan Day                     12,000.00
Karun Streerama                10,000.00

Law Firm Donors to HBEC PAC:

Bracewell                         $  3,500.00
Andrews Kurth                     2,000.00