June 12, 2017 By Dave Wilson

Chancellor Cesar Maldonado rolled out his $348,254,943.00 Houston Community College (HCC) proposed unrestricted expenditure budget for 2017-2018.  Our 2011-2012 budget was $263,297,571.00.  The 2017 budget represent an increase of $84,957,372.00, which figures to be a 32.3 % increase.

This budget might be acceptable if enrollment increase by 32.3 %.  But it did not.

Actually the enrollment declined according to the 2017 Texas Public Higher Education Almanac which is published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Our Full-time Student Equivalent (FTSE) for 2011 was 57,615 and for 2016 (the latest data available) was   47,197.  We have had a decline of 10,418 FTSE which figures to be 18.1% decline.

FTSE analysis  –  Budget up 32.3%.  Enrollment down 18.1%.

If one uses contact hours for enrollment figures, our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2015-2016 (latest report available) reports 25,890,022 contact hours for 2012-13 and from TACC we reported 22,928,216 contact hours for 2016-17.  We have a decline of 2,961,806 contact hours  which figures to be a 11.4% decline.

Contact Hour analysis  –  Budget up 32.3%.  Enrollment down 11.4%.

How did we educate 57,615 students in 2011-12 for $263M?

Why does it cost $348M to educate 47,197 students in 2017-18?

At the current pace, by the year 2043, we will have ZERO students and our budget will be $733M. We need a change in our CULTURE at HCC!