Bold Leadership

Uncompromising Integrity

Dave Wilson

for HCC District 1

Successful business owner: 35+ years

Founder/Operator/Teacher of “Texas Electrical Safety Association”: 18 years

Master Electrician “HMEL #8”: 28 years

Past HCC Trustee District 2: 2014-2019

Dave’s campaign will NOT accept donations from vendors, labor unions, special interests, and lobbyists.


Comparable Community College Chancellor’s Contracts

Chancellor’s Pay at 5 Largest Community Colleges in Texas

When HCC has to take $7M out of fund balance (savings) to balance the current budget; and

When HCC has had to take money out of the last 3 years fund balance in order to balance the budgets; and

When HCC is going to spend at least $52M to build a Katy campus which is outside the taxing district; and

When HCC has at least $98M unfunded teacher’s pension; and

When enrollment has declined 12% since 2011; and

When the employees at HCC have only gotten a 2% raise;

Do you think its fair to pay the HCC Chancellor $654,000.00 per year?

Dave Wilson does not!

Stop the Katy Campus – Stop taking money from HCC taxpayers and giving it to non-taxpayers in Katy

Free Tuition for all, financed with savings from paying off DEBT.

Clean up the purchasing department

Fix unfunded pension liability

Fix declining enrollment

Balance HCC Budget

“If you are not willing to learn,
No one can help you.
If you are determined to learn,
No one can stop you”


District 1 Map